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Stainless Steel Catering Equipment
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This Electric Water Boiler is a versatile appliance available in both single wall and double wall options. It not only ensures a continuous supply of hot water but also incorporates an energy-saving feature, making it an efficient choice for everyday use.
The Gear Planetary Mixers are designed to provide a safe and easy operating experience. With a Safety Protection System and user-friendly operations, these mixers ensure hassle-free usage.
The Sausage Stuffer Sausage Making Machine is designed with easy operation in mind. Its vertical design allows for easy mounting on most surfaces, while the ergonomic handle ensures convenient and effortless operation.
The Meat Mincer Machine features an innovative T-shape design with a protruding curved surface, enhancing the grinding process by creating more space and ensuring a smoother grind for meat.
The Vegetables Cutter is a revolutionary tool that combines the functions of three machines. With the ability to cut a wide range of root vegetables into slices, shreds, and dice simply by changing the knives, it is very convenient in the kitchen.
The Hamburger Machine features a durable body made from aluminum magnesium alloy, which undergoes a meticulous polishing and oxidation treatment. This enhances its overall appearance and protection, ensuring longevity and high-quality performance.
It is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance that can meet various slicing needs. It can slice a wide range of ingredients, including frozen meat, deli meat, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, fish, cheese, bread, and beef.
The Electric Waffle Makers Machine is designed to prevent food from sticking to the top surface, ensuring hassle-free cooking experience. Additionally, it boasts easy-to-clean features, making it an ideal choice for convenience and efficiency.
The Soup Kettle for Buffet is a high-quality kitchen appliance that not only keeps your soups and stews hot, but also saves energy. Its innovative design ensures efficient heat retention, reducing the need for constant reheating and thus conserving energy.
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